September 26, 2011

Nonphilter Studios International Has Moved

Well, folks, the Nonphilter production facilities have proven to be recession proof. While other companies are downsizing, we have outgrown our offices and moved the whole operation to bigger, better digs. It took a whole week to get settled in, but in we are settled. Allow me to give the 5-minute tour:

Initial skepticism by the staff was warranted. Frankly, it looked more like a carport than a studio. But the minions are tough and the move was completed in just 7 days. A new paintjob for the walls (including a snazzy mural depicting iconic skateboard art from the 1980's), a set of bookcases fashioned from shipping crates left by the previous tenants, and two separate tables (one for art, one for woodworking) are just a few of the countless upgrades we invested in. There is also new carpet. These remnants were conned off of an apartment renovation worker at the opposite end of the property. Nothing is too good for Nonphilter, LLC.

With no further ado, i give you 'Garage Mahal':

Due to company secrets, only a small, dimly lit portion of the building is shown in this forum. If you would like to see the rest of the compound, we plan to offer tours in the fall. Stay tuned for details.

Post script: due to piercing screams of delight rippling throughout the company, the editor has decided to recognize the first-ever follower of this blog. Hi Georgia!!