March 1, 2015

Facebook 3x5 Challenge: Day 5

1.) Warhol on Welfare
I was not exactly on welfare when I made this, but I was on disability. I was living meagerly, going to school full time. I lived in a cabin that was roughly 10' x 20'. It was RUS-TIC. The walls were a singly layer of redwood, with no insulation. There was also no refrigerator, so all my food was non-perishable. As a result, I ate a great deal of Cup of Noodles instant ramen.
The piece I am showing here was a class assignment from that period of my life. I do not recall the specific instructions, though I remember my inspiration. At some point, I had begun stapling the ramen packaging to the wooden walls of the cabin. It was an impressive pattern spreading uniformly across the wall. It was this makeshift wallpaper which gave me the idea for the Warhol riffing. The final piece was about 4' square. Sadly, it was destroyed in a friend's house when a leaking roof gave it a bath it would never recover from.

2.)Superman is a cut-up
My older brother first suggested I try something like this. That is, make a picture using the cut-up pieces of other pictures. It sounds simple enough, and I would have deemed this a complete success, but for one thing: the glue did not hold.
After butchering a few Superman comics in order to make this image, and countless hours mounting it all to a piece of black poster board, the glue ended up failing a week later, and the pieces fell off like dead skin. I think it was cheap rubber cement, I can not recall. It did not get remade. Thankfully I have the photo!

3.) Gone Fishin'
The short period of time I spent working at the film studio was fruitful due to the hours spent on the airbrush. Learning while being paid is the best. For about a year and a half I airbrushed props 5 days a week.Here is a picture of my table with a school of spawning air fish I painted.