April 20, 2014

Son of Man

My latest piece measures a paltry 5" x 18". It will not be used as contest bait, but does illustrate some very famous eyes. I invite the throng of viewers to throw a guess into the ring as to whose eyes served as the models.

The black is on two separate pieces of MDF, and the lime green is painted on a third. I cut and sanded a slight back-bevel on the black pieces so that, although they are mounted directly to the back piece, they appear to be 'floating' above it. I am happy with this simple piece. You can see it in my eyes.


Due to the overwhelming response, it will be more cost effective for Nonphilter, Inc. to simply post the answer to this puzzler in the form of a photo. Inputting all responses would have taken a team of monkeys with scissors and gluesticks, working around the clock, a minimum of a fortnight.