June 16, 2013

Chief Cornelius Gritts

Another chapter in the Chasing Norman project has been completed: the poster! The band has already left for the 3-week tour of the Philippines, so its up to me and Rand to decide whether the poster I have designed is acceptable. Surely, using the art from the CD is a logical choice. What is not a 'given' is the 'flying baboon' I created. I even went so far as to grant him the honorable name of 'Chief Cornelius Gritts'. I do not think such a being exists.

(click for mucho bigedness)

I may have taken too many liberties with this one. I mean, it does seem to say something about the band and their 'style'. Is it the image they want to portray? I sure hope so. I like it a lot. I think it is catchy and the message is simple. Expect to see some wheat-pasted on a structure near you.