August 17, 2011

Are you a 'sell-out'? I am.

I am one of the rare artists who has sold every piece ever displayed in a gallery. When I am part of a show, 100% of my art gets sold. Every time, without fail. I should add that I have only shown my art once, and it was just 2 pieces. NEVERTHELESS, I am battin' a thou'.

 The event was held at Visual Art Supply (3524 Adams Avenue, San Diego, CA 92116). While it was the most recent show, it is but one in a long list of such events sponsored by VAS. I am thankful that Jason Gould, owner of Visual Art Supply, was so patient, slightly extending the entry deadline for me due to my numerous 'fails'.

Take the geta/Converse for example. My first idea had the topside gold and the bottom red. I had taped off the first color so I could get a hard line between it and the second. Unfortunately, upon removal of the tape, I learned that the tape had formed a loving bond with the paint and I was soon mired in round #2. 
My second effort was meant to result in a look much like you see here. For some reason I made a stencil for the Converse logo and went with white primer in a spray can to color it. I then sprayed a couple coats of Valspar over the whole thing and left it for a about an hour, drying in the sun.

Well, when I came back to it, I touched the surface and found it dry-to-the-touch. As I flipped the shoes this way and that, I noticed some white paint on my hands. It was then I realized the Valspar had merely 'skinned over', preserving a gooey, primer center. Gah! It is a good thing the Universe has deemed third-times to be charms. I would not have had time for a fourth. I ended up hand-brushing the logo, which I should have done from the start.

The other piece is titled 'Inside the Box Outside'. It is an homage to the weirdos in my neighborhood who toss shoes over powerlines.

 What you can not see is my .mp3 player, which was stashed on the side. It played a collection of 'urban sounds' out of small speakers I had hidden in the shoes. Go ahead and click on the video for the virtual experience.

Thanks Robert Provins of  Rubbertoe Productions for contributing to the sound collection. I also used sounds from the library of the Free Sound Project .

I was excited to be involved with the event. It gave me the chance to meet other local artists who gave me sound advice for future efforts. It would have been a success had I sold nothing. But, as you know, I sold all of it! Every last piece I entered was sold. All two of them. ...Ok, I'll give it a rest.