October 28, 2011

Not Unlike Bigfoot...

...the bench I have been working on is often rumored, but rarely seen.

I wish to verify the rumors of a bench as fact with my own 'Patterson Film'. Only, there is no film. Rather, I present to you, my teeming throng of follower (Hi Georgia!), a few photos to prove the existence of a bench-in-progress.

Here is the furniture in question. It looks rough because it is loosely assembled for the photos. Also it has only been partially sanded. This had originally been a chair I found discarded in the alley. I had to create new (42")  cross-members to transform it into a bench.

Its low profile means it is designed to have back and seat cushions. Once assembled it will get a coat of varnish before I paint it and a top coat afterwards. My favorite features are the swooping armrests...

...and the flower detail I carved in the large, front crosspiece.

As a special bonus for those who made it this far: The Patterson Film!