May 4, 2012

Alienation at Zepf Alt

My vast army of supporters and followers... all (1, 2,3...) FOUR of you!
(wait, one of those is me...) all THREE of you. I apologize for being away so long. The staff here at Nonphilter Global, LLC, was really wrapped-up in the 'Alienation' shows.

A total of 13 pieces were completed  , with our best drones chugging around the clock for about a month. Countless efforts were deemed unfit and thrown into the furnaces that makes the steam which powers our warehouses. I was told an intern may have been inadvertently shoveled in as well. It was probably that Tuesday when I kept smelling burnt hair. ...more than usual, I mean.

Usually I would explain the posted images, but not today. I am going to let the pieces speak for themselves. I will let the viewers absorb the art in their own way. I swear, It has nothing to do with the fact that OSHA is at the gate, and we still have not cleaned up after the fierce, company-wide X-acto knife battle we held this week, or that I need to get some help moving this... er... BOX! down to the furnace.

Dear, dear Fischlowitz. We hardly knew you.


"The Beckoning"

"I Want To Believe"




"Not Think"

"Space Invaders"




"Fire in the Sky"

(hanging mobile)