February 7, 2015

Stymie Has a Posse

20" x 36" Acrylic on wood

"Hey, wait a minute! Thats not Stymie! Thats Buckwheat!"

"No way, man! Thats Eddie Murphy AS Buckwheat."

...and Buckwheat is a close acquaintance of Stymie, and therefore a member of his 'posse'. If, finally, all this talk of posses seems rather out of place in relation a portrait of 'Buh-weet', you may be the lucky one. For the rest of us, the onslaught of Obey-brand everything came out of nowhere and everywhere concurrently, ensuring none who were aware of it could ever forget it. Obey and it's mascot, Andre, were ubiquitous before becoming ubiquitous, dig? Is any of this getting through to you?

Enough BS. Lets talk about the riff.

I conjured up this take on Shepherd Fairy's (sic?) cash cow years ago. It always seemed worthy of creating, I just never found the right surface. As I have stated before, the surface generally gives me some kind of idea for what should be put down on it. This panel from a cherry desk called on me to, at long last, paint Buckwheat.

For those of you who read my details, I will let you in on a secret idea which may forever go undone, but is no less nansensu than 'Otay': Picture a high-contrast image of a hasidic Jew... suns rays eminating from behind... you know where I am going with this... at the bottom: OiVey.

Yeah. I am pretty sure that one will go undone.