August 9, 2011

Charlie Loves Rock & Roll

Charlie is my neighbor. I would have to guess that he is about 45 years old. Anyways, he loves heavy metal music. He often sits in a chair in his front yard, air-drumming and waving to passerby, while his stereo is cranked up to 11. I do not mind his choice of music, which is 70s and 80s  heavy metal. I think he ought to turn it down a notch, but I am ok with metal.

His character is childish. He hangs tour shirts on his walls along with posters pulled from the center of Hit Parader. He has his hair grown down past his shoulders (except the top, which is bald). And, I suppose, I envy him. He may be a poor m.f., but he seems happy everyday. That is because he has his tour shirts, his posters, his music, and, perhaps, because I made this picture for him.

I used Photoshop and Illustrator. Not any of this new-fangled  "CS" you kids all use. I use the old stuff, like PS 5.5 and Illustrator 9. I have an urge to say 'Dagnabit' and shake a stick at youth.
See if you can name the bands whose names I stole from to make this for Charlie.