March 26, 2012

Pop Culture Riffing

Happy Monday, my loyal Nonphilterians. Who is ready to get the work week started, eh? Anyone? You...? Well, let me put the vim back in your vinegar. ...or is that vinegar back into your piss? I don't know. This isn't an English lesson. Its a blog, ferchristsake.

I hope, for your keyboard and monitor's sake, that you do not have a mouthful of food or drink. What I have for you today could easily cause you to suffer an ASNR (pronounced AZZ-ner). That is short for 'Acute Spontaneous Nasal Re-flux', the medical term for 'shooting food and/or drink out one's nose. Such an event can be relatively harmless. Water, for example, may have no lasting effect on the victim and their surroundings. Mr Pibb and Poprocks, on the other hand, can cause 4th degree nasal charring and destroy all pets and computer equipment in the vicinity. Consider this our Public Service Announcement for 2012. Nonphilter is people helping people.

Okay. Now that we have that out of the way, its time to guffaw. Do you know that feeling you get when you have this great idea for a (painting, sculpture, whatever) then realize, after spending time and effort into creating it, that it was a darn foolish notion? The three pieces I have for you today NEVER ONCE failed to deliver on the original inklings of greatness I felt during their conception. Time will go on, years will pass, yet I will never grow bored with these gems. Enjoy, but do so with an empty mouth.