March 29, 2012

The Sage Rider

I visited Japan again last November. Its a fantastic place to be. The thing I enjoy most about being there is the visual experience. The city streets are clean. The vegetation is different. The architecture is interesting. In short, its a great place to relax your mind and get inspired.

I think it worked for me. I returned home and started pushing out good ideas from the first day back. Some pieces have been multimedia, which is not generally 'my bag'. The majority have been simple acrylic on wood, which is my bag, so to speak. A case in point is today's submission. I have been referring to this as 'The Sage Rider'.

The original idea was concocted while brainstorming the CD art for 'Chasing Norman'. You will notice the drum on the back of the old man who has a head which bears a striking resemblance to an old-timey microphone. Needless to say, the idea never went anywhere with Chasing Norman. A little to WTF probably. But, no matter. I took it from thumbnail to full blown painting with great success.

The style is sumie-esque, although no actual sumi was used. Its plain old acrylic on a piece of pine (@ 14" x 30") that I think I got from my mother. It is not apparent whether or not the old fellow and his trusty platypus are in danger of being dashed against the rocks. The sea shows some tumult, but no big Kanagawa waves this time. As for the time of day, I felt that this is in the morning, before the marine layer has burned off. I guess that would put him somewhere around Sunset Cliffs.

(As always, click the images for embigenness)
The pattern around the outside is a Japanese motif. While generally considered to be stylized waves, I always think of them as clouds.

Have a great weekend.