February 18, 2015

Facebook 3x5 Challenge: Day 3

The Boards
There have been few more memorable pieces than the skateboards and surfboards. I was raised in San Diego, and I spent my teen years, in the 1980s, riding a skateboard every moment I could. Much of the time when I was not riding one, I was drawing on one. At first, I would do the art on the bottom, until I realized that doing the art on the grip tape went a long way towards preserving the image.

I can not recall how many boards I have done, but it is safe to say dozens+. I think 2010 was that last to roll off the line. Pictured here, it was my son's skateboard. As I am known to do, I mocked a corporate logo. In this case, I butchered the Sega logo, creating the anagram of my son's name: Sage.

A year later, I hooked up with Solid Surfboards for a project. They had a customer who wanted 2 boards, each with art that resembled the grain and color of his Gibson(?) guitar. Shown here are the top of one board, and the bottom of the other. I had hoped to continue doing side-work for them, but they hired someone to paint full time, which was not a job I could take.

The other surfboard features the classic Dr. Eye image. This one goes back 11 years. My beloved nephew, Robert, asked if I could create the art for a board he was having made. He gave me free reign, which was nice.

Thats a toe with a valve stem you see there. You see, my brother, Doug Provins, would sometimes call my nephew Roberto, which was easily changed to Rubber Toe. And that, as they say, is that.