February 15, 2015

Facebook 3x5 Challenge: Day 2

Day 2, 3x5 Challenge
Todays triad will be a video set.
The first video is an art piece I made for the first show I was a part of. Thanks to Visual SD for that opportunity. It is titled 'Inside the Box Outside'. The inane act of tossing one's shoes onto electrical wires was my inspiration, though my piece depicted the opposite.
The box was a surplus military ammo box painted sky blue with some faint clouds painted inside. A discarded running shoe was bisected on the band saw and mounted as shown. The telephone poles I made by hand from scrap wood.

What you can not see, but can hear in the video, is the 'urban sounds' I compiled for the experience. The looping collection of neighborhood audio clips was piped through tiny speakers hidden in each shoe and connected to a tiny .mp3 player hidden in an altoids tin attached to the side of the box.

The second video shows my attempt at an animated walk-cycle. I used a character I had created back in Junior High, a beatnik I called Dr. Eye. I did not have any reason, other than curiosity, for attempting this, and the only program I had to animate this was Windows Movie Maker. Despite the lack of knowledge and software, I successfully animated an old friend, and that is very satisfying.

For some strange reason, I am unable to add this video in the same manner I have added the other two. I guess we will have to use the good old link instead.

View second video HERE.

The third video is a vague record of some steps I took in creating a beautiful staircase back in 2008. It was the largest project of its type I have ever done, before or since. I took too much time and charged too little money, but the results were gratifying. Luckily, I have a patient wife, Tae Provins, who, incidentally, put in her share of hours helping me sand all the wood. Good times.

The song, Hickory Wind, was used because A.) the group performing the song were customers who had previously hired me to do some graphic design work, B.) the staircase was made from hickory, and C.) I am incredibly clever.