February 14, 2015

The Facebook 3x5 Challenge: Day 1

I was invited on Facebook to join in the "3x5 Challenge". There are no posted guidelines that I can find, but I have gathered that the event is as follows:
Someone nominated/ challenged me to participate> I accepted the challenge>  Once per day I must post 3 images of my art, new or old, and reference the Challenge> I must challenge an artist not already participating to do so> I must repeat this for 5 days.
I know what you are thinking- pyramid scheme. I thought so, too. But, the story checks out. It is, if anything, a good way to get art out there for more people to see. My approach is going to be a retrospective collection of my art through the years and across many mediums. It will be as enlightening as it is tedious, I promise.
So, for the next 5 blog posts, I will be pasting directly from my Facebook page.

I Day 1, 3x5 Challenge
Challenger: Bd Dombrowsky
Not aware of any guidelines, so I will be posting images from all 23 corners of the room of my life in the art realm. Day one has a threesome of editorial cartoons from way back when I was barely old enough to buy beer.

My first job out of art school was as a graphic artist in a real live newspaper art department. The industry had just taken its first steps in the brave new world of computer-aided publishing. We built our ads on the computer, but all the page layouts were wax, cut and paste. Ads with color often required hand-cut overlays. The experience was unforgettable. I dare say, in my opinion, the old 'caveman' production methods were more rewarding: Chemicals for developing half-tones... using an exacto knife for hours at a time, each day... a cigarette-friendly breakroom... I am laughing as I type this, but, that was back when graphic design was dangerous! Ancient history...

For extra loot, I took on editorial cartoons for 2 newspapers. Even my cartoons here show their age when you consider the 'zip-tone' used for shaded areas. If zip-tone was not available, I would utilize the memories of all those old Fat Freddy comics, and shade the cartoon Gilbert Shelton-style.
The cartoons were always meant to accompany a specific editorial, and rarely did they deal with subjects I gave a hoot about.

the mudslinging toon is timeless subject matter for an editorial cartoon.

The kid being stalked... uhhh, I don't know. Maybe they did a groundbreaking editorial on the dangers of walking to school.

The CalTrans/ Heroin metaphor is priceless, and completely "what the hell...?".
So, day one completed. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I.
EDIT: This one will be an international draft pick. Ms. Jessica Uzuki Cheverie, hailing from New Brunswick, I invite you to join the 3x5 challenge.